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Fire burns through Kelsey Estate building


Saturday morning seen another fire beset The Pas, this time ripping through a building inside the Kelsey Estates.
The fire, which was first reported at 7:20 a.m., quickly grew in size, racing through the unit it started in before spreading to the roof and across much of the building’s top floor.
Fire crews were on scene quickly and by 11:30 a.m. the fire was under control, however extensive damage was reported.
The Red Cross confirmed they had stepped in to provide support for five families containing a total of 19 people who were left displaced by the fire.
Randy Manych, Chief Fire Prevention Officer for the Town of The Pas, stated the investigation into the fire has not been concluded yet, however the indication is the fire was not deliberately set.
“Everything points towards it not being intentional thus far,” said Manych.
While the fire did spread quickly, Manych said the investigation thus far leads to the understanding the fire was smouldering for a period of time before actually erupting.
Manych credited the firebreaks in the walls from preventing the fire from spreading outward quickly, however once the fire got into the roof it was able to move more rapidly.
“The firebreaks did their job and they contained the fire but once it got into the attic it was going to spread,” said Manych.
Manych also credited the quick response of residents for preventing a potentially worse situation, noting all residents were out of the building in mere minutes. A prompt response of fire crews who had trucks on the scene within 10 minutes of the call first coming in also played a major role in keeping the fire contained.
It is yet undetermined if the building is a complete write off or if any tenants will be able to move back in in the future. The Red Cross will provide for the victims for a period of 72 hours, while a clothing and donation drive is being set up locally as well. A collection of items was held at The Pas Action Centre on Sunday.
This is the second fire to hit an apartment building in The Pas in recent months following a fire at another complex in January. The recovery from that fire is still ongoing with repairs to the building still being made

Trent Allen