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TikTok fame continues


John McGinnis, local TikTok star of international fame, has just inspired a TikTok world record. Melissa Viviane Jefferson, known professionally as Lizzo, is an American singer, rapper, songwriter and flutist. Lizzo attained mainstream success with the release of her third studio album, Cuz I Love You (2019), which peaked inside the top five of the US Billboard 200. The rising queen of music, queen of the flute, queen of twerk, and now, queen of breaking TikTok records, just broke the record for the most people in a single video to participate in a TikTok Trend, and it is pretty impressive.
During a recent performance, Lizzo and DJ Sophia Eris invited their 200,000 concertgoers to join them in the recent Food Dance trend that's been taking over people's TikTok For You pages. The trend, which was popularized by TikToker John McGinnis, usually features someone standing over a just-prepared and often cheesy plate of food. As heat emanates from the dish, participating users take a bite of food, savor the moment, and then dance when the background music's beat drops.
For those who love the vibe but don't necessarily love to cook, a second iteration of the trend has circled TikTok, featuring just the dance and not the plate. In Lizzo's viral rendition, which has been viewed over 22.2 million times, the performer tosses back a drink before she, Sophia, and the crowd all groove to the Food Dance. "This is the record for the most people to ever do a single TikTok trend," Lizzo captioned the video. "My 200,000 new besties."