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Recycling Centre reaching out for assistance


Marj Greenwood of The Pas Recycle Centre and Margaret Commodore from the Recycling Board met with Opasquia Times to discuss some of their concerns with The Pas Recycling Centre. While things have somewhat improved since they closed access to the drop off area during COVID, they still are experiencing issues.
The latest concerning health and safety concern is maggots. When recycling isn’t washed and it goes into the recycling bag with food waste it poses a concern. One household with one bag is one thing, an entire community doing the same and it makes for a very unhealthy work environment.
Recycling Centre board member Margaret Commodore explained, “People are calling the town and saying their recycle bags are not being picked up. The reason they are not being picked up is because they are not following the sorting guidelines. It is easier for them to get mad at somebody then to say I made a mistake.”
Marj Greenwood further explained, “At the last board meeting, they now have a new tagging system, but if the unrecyclable items are not overwhelming, we will take it, but the next time we won’t. Since last year, we found that the people who want to recycle properly do, the people that can’t be bothered and won’t look and read the information we leave (note in bag) don’t”.
Greenwood states if you want to be a better recycler, download the Recyclepedia app or go to simplyrecycle.ca. Commodore mentioned there is a billboard just south of town in regards to this and highlighted that they are currently giving out daily prizes.
The Pas Recycle Centre asks that residents empty and rinse their containers. Containers with contents remaining can’t be recycled, and can harm workers in the recycling facility or damage machinery. Sort your corrugated cardboard from other materials for curbside. Place materials loose within your collection containers. Please do not place materials in grocery store bags or boxes before adding them to your recycling. Collection containers can be a blue bin or a clear/transparent garbage bag. Recycle symbols are placed on packaging by the manufacturers not be the recycle industry, the recycling industry is working on having this changed. Any product with the recycle symbol #6 is NOT recyclable. Black plastic is not accepted in the recycle stream and is being eliminated from store shelves. Orange TIDE jugs are not recyclable because of a chemical in the dye which makes it unable to be recycled.