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COVID rally held last week


About 60 local people gathered on Wednesday, September 1st, to protest vaccine and masks mandates. They held their rally, next to the Primary Health Centre. Signs being held up included “The Cure is Poison to Society” and “Let Me Breathe at School”. Amongst the rally attendees were a town councillor and the Mayor who came out to support the crowd.
When asked for comment on the rally, Mayor Jaques had this to say “I think it’s great to see people stand up for their beliefs. Apathy is a terrible thing and I think it’s important for people to get involved and share their thoughts with the world. If you don’t speak up how will anyone know how you feel?”
The rally, according to Facebook posts was not organized by anyone in particular and was part of a effort to speak against vaccine and mask mandates. In The Pas, the rally was held over the noon hour. The location caused some backlash on social media as it was held near the hospital. No official information was provided to the media regarding the event.
COVID-19 has killed 1192 Manitobans so far (4,586,183 worldwide) and with the pandemic modelling of the Delta variant rising expontially everywhere, all Manitobans are encouraged to get vaccinated, with the Manitoba government again mandating mask use in all public places and vaccination requirements to access commmunity venues and events.