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Earth Day volunteers


Not content to pave paradise and put up a parking lot, Paulette Aamot, Leone Klyne, Don Maksymchuk, Jim Lamontagne, Janet Lowther, Linda Fulmore-Huculak, and Christine Anderson formed the “10 and 60 Gang” to loosely describe what they do out at the Junction of Highway 10 and 60. The intersection is a known area for litterbugs to dump their trash and the last time the gang was there was last fall when they pulled in a record haul. Last week, Paulette Aamot sent out a call for volunteers to meet at the A&W on Wednesday and they set off from there. The photo shown is a result of 21 labour hours and they didn't get it all done. Their intent was to go back on Monday, April 26. Aamot figures they have two thirds of the cleanup done, but they still have to do the trucker rest stop and Spring water area as well.
While their efforts are commendable, they shouldn’t have to be cleaning up someone else’s mess. We can all “do our bit” by not being litterbugs in the first place. Dispose of your trash and recyclables in the proper bins. There is no Planet B.