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TPCRC is on board with Grace Lake boardwalk trail


The Board of Opasquia Trails Inc. announced today that The Pas Community Renewal Corporation (TPCRC) has made a donation to help build the boardwalk.
Davide Novo of the TPCRC board met with the Shawn Sexsmith of Opasquia Trails to present the donation of $875.
“TPCRC has been a partner with Opasquia Trails from the start and provided funding to develop the design, they helped start the project and we are thankful they continue to support the trail” said Sexsmith.
The Pas Community Renewal Corporation is a non-profit organization that strives through advocacy, capacity building, provision of knowledge and sustainable funding from various sources to challenge and empower residents of The Pas, Manitoba.
In the past year Opasquia Trails has raised over $300,000 towards the project with the hopes of starting construction in the spring of 2021. Total project costs are close to $700,000.
Opasquia Trails had retained HTFC Planning and Design from Winnipeg to complete a master plan for an interpretative boardwalk and trail. This board walk will start at the Kelsey Watershed District Office and end approx. 400 meters north at a boreal discovery trail.
The trail will be an added attraction to the area and will be used by residents as an end point for existing walking paths and trails. A recent one-hour survey identified 45 different species of birds in the area. In addition to birds and mammals, numerous species of aquatic species, both vertebras and invertebrates inhabit the lake making the boardwalk an important avenue for showing the value of these species to our environment.
Opasquia Trials Inc. has many different levels of funding for various all Corporate and Individual partners and includes purchasing a personalized engraved board for the boardwalk. Persons wishing to donate can contact a Board Member to view the different fundraising options available. “We cannot do it without you, The Pas and Area” stated Teresa Roberts, Board member.
Opasquia Trails is a non-profit organization dedicated to building educational and recreational trails near The Pas and Opaskwayak Cree Nation in Manitoba. Members of the organization come from government, education, service groups and interested citizens.