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Prairie Roots Fine Cannabis set to open


It is a sign of good news that in the dark days of COVID, people in the community are still making plans for the future. Two of those people are Michelle Geary and Adam Steel who invited me down to Prairie Roots Fine Cannabis located at 254 Fischer Avenue. Their new store owned by Alan Gibb is set to open on February 19th.
Laws preventing them from having clear glass for their storefront, means that the frosted glass doesn’t show the amount of work that went into the renovation of the old hair salon that used to occupy this location.
The new shop is slick and modern and the first thing that greets you as you walk through the door are the smiles of Geary and Steel who wasted no time in explaining to an old Gen X’r like me the amazing benefits of their products which includes, CBD oil, flowers, drinks, chocolates, peppermints, gummies, pre-rolls and all the accessories.
Geary stated “We are proud to be a new business in the core area. We are locally owned and we want to build community connection. We are focused on making The Pas a better place and being a part of revitalizing our downtown shopping experience. We want people to be able to walk up down the street on a sunny day to check out Fischer Avenue.” Kelly added in “we want our store to be a comfortable place for everyone. If you want to come in and get your product and get out, that’s cool, but if you are still new to it, we can discuss it and we are knowledgeable enough to help you out to get you what you need.”
While people my age used to call their dealer to get a mystery bag of unknown origin, what has clearly changed is that the cannabis industry has gone mainstream with more products than you can imagine. This new change was a different experience to me. “Let’s take a step back here. I literally know nothing about marijuana, zero, I have never even so much as taken a toke in my life. So explain this to me like I am a five year old.”
Steel seeing that the “old guy” needed more knowledge, instantly pivoted to education of the products available. He explained the differences between Cannabidiol (CBD) oil and THC. CBD is a product that’s derived from cannabis. It’s a type of cannabinoid, which are the chemicals naturally found in marijuana plants. Even though it comes from marijuana plants, CBD doesn’t create a “high” effect or any form of intoxication — that’s caused by another cannabinoid, known as THC.
“It is all about balance”, explaining possible health benefits of CBD oil, “some people have anxiety, deal with stress, and need to balance themselves, and then there is THC. THC is psychoactive that is used more for recreational use.”
The products that will be available are flower, which is the flower of the plant, which can be ground up and smoked.
They will also be selling pre-rolls for those who don’t know how to grind up the product and the customer that just wants to get the joint and light it. A new product which would surprise some are cannabis infused beverage canned drinks. Geary said “they are really good if you want help going to sleep at night”, noting that all of their products are regulated by the Canadian government.
“So, let’s say I’m John Q Public and unsure what to try first, what would you recommend? “Steel was quick to reply, “The spray. It has equal amounts of CBD and THC so they mellow each other out. You aren’t going to take it and forget where you are. It is very calming.”
“So, let’s say I am a 72 year old senior with glaucoma what would you recommend?”, Geary responded, “the spray or drops, but I also say that same person should speak with their doctor to make sure it is line with what would be recommended for that. We do not give medical advice. We do not fill prescriptions like that.”
Steel added “We have contacts through Delta9, so if someone is asking about it for something more serious like that we can give them that contact.”
Geary continued “Delta9 is a Manitoba company and they have a cannabis clinic with physicians on staff ready to take patients on that are interested in using cannabis to treat conditions they are experiencing. While the cannabis industry is new to Canada and big changes have been made in just the last year with the issuance of licenses to small independent businesses, the amount of training we had to go through just to get to this stage is incredible. Education is key.”
Kelly jumped back in and stated “We had to take ‘Smart Choices’ training with Delta9 and then part of the orientation was to go to around to other shops and learn from them.”
Finally Geary ended “Customer safety is our number one concern. We don’t want anyone buying products that send them off on a “bad trip”, and then they don’t come back. All recreational marijuana in Canada is medical grade. We want our customers coming back, not complaining about products that have made them have bad experiences.”
Having talked with these two young and eager entrepreneurs, I left the shop feeling excited for them, but also with a deep sense that with every sale, was the responsibility of education and personal safety to the customer.