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Volunteers focus search for local man on river


Undeterred by colder weather, the search for Morrish Linklater continues. The family in conjunction with OCN Bear Clan have continued to get volunteers with the drag efforts to recover Morrish Linklater. Volunteer boat teams include from surrounding communities, the Shoal Lake crew, Edgar & Anthony; The Chemawawin Crew, Frank Turner and four helpers; The Moose Lake Crew, Fergis Campbell and helpers; Albert Lambert, Blair Lambert, and Fred Lambert; The Mathias Colomb (Pukatawagan) crew; Peter Skyhard, Leonard Hart, Horizon Caribou, Glen Dumas. The OCN crews, Tommy Constant and Howie Wilson Jr; Burton Blacksmith; Tanis Blacksmith, Jennifer Flett, Michael Constant, and Kenneth Horn. Ronnie Constant Jr. volunteered usage of his boat and the Turner family as well. The ice is flowing about four days down on the Saskatchewan side and it will soon make its way this way. The search crews urgently need people to come and help out and they will provide fuel for the boats.
The family made a statement via the OCN Bear Clan Facebook page. "Today we had a meeting with the detective that is in charge of Morris Linklater's missing person case. He was very understanding and helpful. As of now, Morrish was last seen on the tracks by the bridge at 2 am Wednesday September 30th, and he was drunk. There is no indication that Morrish left The Pas (according to RCMP) and no indication of foul play. Meaning no one hurt him or took him. The RCMP, while searching the river, found a shoe on the river bank 5 km downriver. After getting information from us about his shoes, they are confident that the shoe belongs to Morrish. We are going to go look at the shoe when we get home. They also told us that they believe he is in the water. So, they are going to focus their search on the water. We are holding onto hope that he went with someone and is out there, still alive, but the reality that he's not is starting to set in. We are having a very difficult time and ask that you all please pray for us as we go through this process and pray for the volunteers that are out searching." Please contact Bear Clan OCN by phoning 204-620-7378 or 1-431-355-1968 if you can help out this search.