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Smothered in gravy, hints of bbq evokes yummy


Taavi’s Grill inside the Alouette Hotel is home to the “Supreme BBQ Poutine” and by supreme they mean supreme.
A massive basket of poutine came to the table with a top layer of piping hot gravy. The gravy was like a wrapping paper around a anticipated surprise. The surprise inside was flavor, flavor, flavor.
Advertised as“A Meal In Itself”, was accurate as you would be hard pressed to eat anything alongside this creation.
While the initial look of the poutine may have seemed ordinary, the flavor underneath the rich gravy was anything but. Billed as a supreme BBQ poutine, bbq was in fact the main feature.
Not overwhelming, rather a lingering taste of BBQ sauce in every bite made the dish a delight to explore. The crispy seasoned fries, were topped with hambuger, bacon, fried onions, and a generous portion of cheese

Judges for this poutine were surprised by the size with no one finishing off the plate. If you are a fan of BBQ, this poutine hits all the right spots. Crispy fries, lots of bbq flavor and gravy, gravy, gravy.