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Fresh, filling and flavorable


It’s called the Wescana “Burger” Poutine, and by burger, they mean burger. This poutine put the word burger in the title and it definitely lived up to it’s name.
The burger topped treat was well seasoned and homemade, bringing a unique and defining flavor to the dish. If you are a burger fan then this poutine is the one for you.
Starting things off, the plate is layered with homemade, seasoned fries. The fries are wide cut and crispy and provide the perfect base for this loaded dish. With huge chunks of the burger layered on the fries, the next taste bud treat was the crispy, cooked to perfection bacon. The bacon didn’t detract from the burger at all, rather it complimented each bite.
The Wescana didn’t stop there as they were true to poutine cookery with a rich, delicious gravy poured over the burger and bacon combination. The fries stood up to the gravy quantity and added to the flavor combination.
Poutine of course wouldn’t be poutine without cheese. Grated mozzarella cheese was the choice for this dish and it added to the flavor.
While the fries, bacon, burger, cheese and rich gravy make this poutine seem heavy, the Wescana brought bright and light toppings to the dish adding fresh cut onions, tomatoes, and green onions to finish the dish off. Not surprising at all was these toppings brought out the burger concept in this poutine as they were all the fresh flavors you would find on a homemade burger.