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Town and the province reach agreement on snow removal


Municipalities around the province have a new arrangement in place with the province regarding snow removal for roadways that are provincial roads and highways.
The province and the Town have come to an agreement on snow removal from such streets, with the agreement expected to be ratified by the Town soon.
In the past, a formula using the amount of recorded snowfall was used to determine how much the province would pay municipalities to remove snow from roads and highways within the municipality. Now, that process will be replaced with a lump sum payment calculated on an average of the past five years to each municipality.
Town of The Pas Municipal Superintendent Sam Mirza estimated the agreement would see the Town provided with a payment of $46,000 in the first year under the new system.
Calling the previous system “more arduous,” Mirza added the amount can be negotiable as well, depending on what costs the Town incurs.
“So we’ll track our costs and if we find our costs will be much higher than expected then we can make those changes,” said Mirza.
When asked if this will cost the Town revenue over the old system, Mirza was optimistic the Town would be fairly compensated under the new arrangement.
“We don’t think so (that we’ll see less funding) but we’re going to be tracking it more carefully because we have so many lines for snow removal; there’s downtown for highways and there’s downtown for ourselves (as an example),” said Mirza.
“This year we feel that $46,000 they’re going to pay us, we project that will cover the costs for this year,” he added.
The removal of snow under the agreement covers Third Street, which is Highway 283, as well as Gordon Avenue, Fischer Avenue and most of First Street (Highway 10) and Grace Lake Road. Mirza noted the province still maintains and clears those sections; the Town will remove the snow.
“We’re going to keep monitoring the cost and make sure we are fairly being compensated and we’re happy the province has simplified the previous process,” said Mirza.

Trent Allen