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Vehicle set on fire; three arrested and one charged


A vehicle fire behind the Kelsey Estates Saturday afternoon has resulted in one person being charged in connection to it.
The report of the fire came to emergency services at 5:02 p.m., with a caller reporting his vehicle was lit on fire. The caller also stated the suspects were still nearby at that time.
Fire crews came and extinguished the blaze, which left the vehicle completely destroyed. The vehicle was well engulfed in flames before emergency crews could arrive.
The suspects however had fled the scene by the time police had arrived. Ultimately though, police didn’t have to go too far to make arrests in the matter.
While the fire was being brought under control by The Pas Fire Department, police, who had been on the scene already taking witness reports and redirecting traffic in the area, were alerted to the return to the scene of the suspects. Not only did they return to the scene, they walked within 20 feet of a police vehicle with two officers standing outside.
The officers approached the group of four men and after a very brief chat placed one of the four in handcuffs and put him into the back of the their truck. Shortly after, two more men were also placed inside another truck which pulled up to the scene to help haul them away.
According to information provided by the police, a 34-year-old male suspect from Cross Lake was one of the three arrested. He informed police, while still at the scene of the fire, that he was the one who had set the vehicle ablaze.
That man was released the next morning on a recognizance with conditions for a court date slated for April 7th. While the RCMP could not provide the Opasquia Times with the accused person’s name as no charges have formally been laid in the matter, they did state he will eventually be charged with arson.
The other two who were arrested on the scene where a 35-year-old man from Cross Lake and a 41-year-old from man Moose Lake. Neither will be charged but were deemed to be intoxicated and were released once they had sobered up.

Trent Allen