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Local students take to the outdoors for forestry week


On Thursday last week students from both Joe A Ross School and Kelsey School Division were treated to a chance to expanded their classrooms to the limits of the world.
In honour of National Forestry Week, the students were allowed to partake in some outdoor classroom activities with representatives of Ducks Unlimited, Nisokapawino Forestry Management Corporation (NFMC) and the forestry and wildlife branches for the provinces. Each had a station set up where students could get interactive, hands on appreciation for the various elements of the forest and its association with other ecosystems.
Andrew Forward, General Manager for NFMC, provided a non-timer products and resources presentation for the students, taking them into some nearby treed areas to get a firsthand look rather than having to learn through a textbook.
The stations were set up along the edge of the pond behind Snakland convenience store near Campbell Drive, with the location being selected for a reason.
“The goal is to have the students understand the connection. You can’t have wetlands if you don’t have forests, you can’t have forests if you don’t have wetlands,” said Forward.
In total, four classes from Joe A. Ross and an additional four classroom from with Kelsey School Division took part in the information session which lasted the entire morning.
National Forest Week ran from September 22 to 28 and is put on in part by the Canadian Institute of Forestry and Natural Resources Canada.

Trent Allen