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Local radio promotion kicks off to great success


After months of promotion the 100 Grand In Your Hand giveaway hosted by CJAR 102.9 FM came to a thrilling conclusion on the final day of Opaskwayak Indian Days.
After kicking off the promotion earlier this summer, the local radio station has been qualifying entrants into the contest which sees each get a guaranteed prize and one lands a shot at $100,000.
Responding to prompts to call into the station to qualify throughout the summer, each successful entrant was asked to come to the Otineka Mall on August 17th, with a total of 50 entrants packing into one corner of the already busy hallway.
Mark Behrens served as emcee for the afternoon event, coming out in full festive promotional attire including a golden jacket and a top hat.
A large board was set up with 50 envelopes on it, one each for the 50 qualifiers. Those qualifiers were selected at random by the draw of numbers and as they were called up they were asked to select one envelope off the board.
After that, all of the entrants were asked to open their envelopes in unison. As the sound of envelopes being tore open filled the air they were informed one of the 50 envelopes contained a golden ticket that would allow the holder to try for the $100,000 grand prize.
Joe Lathlin earned that chance, stepping forward to take the chance at earning the big prize after a few tense moments with everyone looking around to figure out who had that prize.
The board was then reset with 100 numbers placed on it and Lathlin was tasked with pulling one of those numbers. Nearby in a separate large envelope was a collection of 100 smaller envelopes, each with a number on them corresponding to the numbers on the board. The number Lathlin picked would be the number of the envelope he would get to open to see if the $100,000 was in it.
Lathlin selected number 43, but unfortunately Lathlin’s lucky had run out. While he didn’t win the grand prize, he did get to walk away with a prize valued at $2,000 from participation sponsors.
Each of the other envelopes selected by entrants also held prizes of some form from sponsors as well, sending everyone home a winner.
“100 Grand In Your Hand was such an exciting event. The moment we started running the contest, people were glued to their radios, waiting for that cue to call, hoping that they would qualify to play. The best part was that all the qualifiers were guaranteed an amazing prize thanks to the very generous local retailers in the community. We're so thankful to them and of course to our dedicated listeners. I'm pretty confident that, although this was a trial first year for the event, you can look forward to us doing it again in the future,” said Behrens.

Trent Allen