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Lack of registration cancels event


For the past few years in the Pas, the Kinsmen Club puts on a mud run in September. But this year the run had to be cancelled due to the lack of registration, which made hosting the mud run unable to happen.
“After putting up posters and information about the mud run we received little interest in the event,” Bryan Foley, the Secretary for the Kinsmen Club, said.
Runners buy tickets for the mud run, and all of the money is gained from the event is spent on other Kinsmen projects, as well as other things. The few people who did register for the run were fully reimbursed.
“All if the money of affected participants has been returned,” Foley said. “Luckily, we have not bought any merchandise or other such things. Any other money left over will go back into the community for future Kinsmen Projects.”
Foley wasn’t sure about what the future of the run would looks like, or how they would improve registration numbers if the run were to continue.
“We are currently in the off season of the club,” he explained. “We cannot answer this question until we get together and discuss it.”
Their season starts back up again in September, so they will discuss the future of the mud run then.
Although the future of the run in unclear at this current time, the Kinsmen Club wants to be able to raise awareness of a healthy lifestyle in the community.
“As most people know, a healthy lifestyle is necessary in life,” Foley said. “We wanted people to let some of the summer stress out and participate in something unique to the area.”
The Kinsmen Club is very upset the mud run had to be cancelled, but they have hope for the future.
“We truly regret the cancellation of this year’s mud run. We hope to have many future events that increase the wellbeing and overall make the community a better place.”
The Kinsmen Club has lots of other events throughout the year, and are hopeful for those events.
“At Kinsmen, we want to support the community’s greatest needs and this year we believe our passion and willpower can be put towards other services,” Foley said
The mud run is cancelled for this year, but hopefully in the future, the event will be able to happen again in the community.
“Hopefully in the future we can get people interested in the Mud Run again.”