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Skate park ready to move forward with spray park nearing completion


While The Pas residents are happily expecting the completion of a spray park this year, a new outdoor recreational activity awaits to join in on the list of new and great things coming to the community.
“We started fundraising initially for a new skate park around five years ago,” said Executive Member of The Pas Families Building a Better Community Inc. (TPFBBCI) Jerome Conaty. “But then, the skate park and spray park were both simultaneously working between the two projects and it was spliting the volunteer base and was hard to get either of the projects to move forward because we were double focused.”
Because the spray park was so close to being completed, the two projects decided to join forces first on that to ensure the completion in a timely manner.
“Now that the spray park is going to be completed this year, the plan is (to put efforts towards the skate park),” said Conaty.
Easing back into the swing of things, TPFBBCI is set to begin their fundraising once again this summer.
“Summer time is sort of a rough time to organize anything,” said Conaty. “We’re going to be doing a raffle right away to start raising a few bucks but we hope to have a meeting in the fall with the youth and really get going from there.”
The group had initially met with the youth of the community but, with it being a number of years ago now, they look to reignite the excitement and do their research to find out what would best suit their intended audience.
“It’s a new group of children now and we want to make sure the park is how they want it,” said Conaty.
The new skate park will come in to replace the degraded one built many years ago.
“We were actually one of the first communities outside of Winnipeg to have a skate park almost 20 years ago,” said Conaty. “We were ahead of the curve for a long time but the course has kind of degraded and parks have changed dramatically over the past couple decades on how they’re built and how they’re used.”
In the meantime, funds continue to accumulate from a business venture Conaty has set up which will bring in proceeds from across the province.
“Myself and a business partner have launched a beer called Clearwater Lager and partnered up with Fort Gary Brewery in Winnipeg,” said Conaty. “Fort Gary is donating 50 cents from every can purchased to go towards this skate park.”
The group had achieved great success previously when focusing on the park and were able to raise between $40,000 and $50,000 in a short time frame. They are hopeful the success continues at a high rate and the residents of The Pas can enjoy the new park sooner rather than later – giving them memories and a healthy alternative to their evening activities of choice.
“It’s just a great opportunity for our youth to get out and be active,” said Conaty. “That’s a big goal for all of us, especially in that age demographic. We need to keep them active and getting them off the couch and off of video games. It’s just a great benefit to the entire community if you have a healthy youth population.”
To stay connected with all the fundraising efforts and details surrounding the park, search #newpark623 on Instagram and Facebook.