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Soccer and baseball seasons wrap up for youth

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  • July 4, 2019
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Last week the sports of soccer and baseball wrapped up on June 20th and 21st respectively for the Kelsey Recreation Department. There were around six teams for the sports, ranging from the ages of four to 16.
At the end of the season, there was a survey circulated, for feedback from the people involved with the sports.
“It was just to get kind of feedback and suggestions,” Amber Whitehead, the Wellness and Recreation Director, said. “And to see what we should improve on, any suggestions for the future, anything that we’re doing right/wrong.”
Since the surveys were circulated only a few weeks ago, the recreation department hasn’t had time to look at the results. However, Whitehead is hopeful they will get good feedback they will be able to implement.
“There’s always changes you’d like to make to improve on your program,” she said. “We just want to get some suggestions. I’m hoping to see if there’s anything to improve on, any suggestions.”
The Recreation Department doesn’t usually get feedback from the players because of their young age.
“Players don’t really come forward and provide feedback, when their four years old they don’t really say much. Usually it’s the parents and the volunteers are the ones who come forward and provide suggestions,” she said.
The season spanned from May to June, with multiple teams for each sport from the various age groups.
“I think we had a good season,” Whitehead said when talking about the sports seasons that just ended. “We had very good weather so there weren’t very many cancellations.”
The good weather made for a good season, and Whitehead said the athletes had fun and enjoyed the sports that they were playing.
“There’s so many kids so we don’t have the opportunity to hear back from all of them, but I hope that they all enjoyed playing the sports,” she said.
There were about 250 kids playing soccer between the ages of four and 15. They had about 150 kids between the ages of four and 16 played baseball this year.
“I think the numbers are good, of course we always want to see better numbers, that’s kind of your goal, you always want to see kids being active,” Whitehead said.
For more information on the Kelsey Recreation district and the sports available for youth to play, visit their Facebook page.