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The Pas Kinettes want your vote to get major concert


The Pas Kinettes need your help!!
Social media has been slammed the since Monday with notice The Pas Kinettes have secured the community to be in the running to have Country singers Charlie Major and George Canyon perform in concert next month.
There are seven contenders for the Dauphin Countryfest's 30th birthday and online voting will determine which community wins the concert.
Voting opened at 10 am on April 8th, and will run until this Friday, April 12th. People can register and vote at www.ourbirthdayyourparty.ca to have the concert here in The Pas.
The contest states that a person can vote once a day for the next week to earn our way to the top of the standings. The Kinettes are excited and are encouraging as many people as they can to vote to get this event here.
“Even if you don't think you will be able to attend, think of your friends and family that may want to attend. This is a great thing for the community!”
The concert is slated to happen in May and all proceeds from ticket sales will go to the Kinettes so it’s a great opportunity to have a top-notch concert in the community at the same time supporting one of our non-profit community groups that gives back.
If you need any information, The Pas Kinettes are on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat or you can mail them at thepaskinettes@gmail.com.
“We can't wait to see everyone at this event. In order to do that, vote today and everyday after that! Tell your friends and family. Get everyone involved! #beunstoppable”