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Home Hardware’s Build It Expo draws out a crowd


Build it and they shall come as the saying goes. Or rather, get those together who can build it and they shall come.
The first Build It Expo was held at Home Hardware on Thursday last week and by all accounts it was a successful event which brought together those involved in all aspects of home renovations, repair and building to meet with the general public.
“I thought it went really well. We had a lot of positive feedback from it, lots of customers have come in since and told us what a good idea it was and that they came away with some good product info as well as making contact with some of our local contractors,” stated AnnMarie Clark, organizer and owner of Home Hardware in The Pas.
Clark noted that outside of some minor alterations things would likely run along the same lines at the next Build It Expo.
And there will almost certainly be a next one. Nearly unanimous support for the expo was found by Clark, between dealers, suppliers and contractors, as well as the general public who attended as well.
“Everybody who participated said they’d like to come back for the next year,” said Clark. “I think we’ll definitely do it again.”
The event was so popular in fact that there was support from some contractors about doing a second one before spring but Clark stated likely they will hold the event once a year in roughly the same time each year, mid-to-late February. That time is ideal as people are beginning to gear up for the home construction and renovation season.
“The timing I think was good, everybody was ready to get out of their house,” stated Clark. “By February we’re ready so I think so I think for sure we’ll try to do it again at the same time next year.”
There were 20 booths at the expo.

Trent Allen