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Over $10,000 raised for spray park Smile Cookie Week


Last month from September 17 to 23 was the Tim Horton’s Smile Cookie Week during which Tim Horton’s franchises all over Canada fundraised for local charities. The Tim Horton’s on Opaskwayak Cree Nation was no different as they fundraised for The Pas Families Building A Better Community who are still working on the much anticipated spray park for The Pas.
According to The Pas Families Building A Better Community (TPFBBC) it was once again and will go a long way towards helping make the spray park a reality and the Smile Cookie campaign, along with donations from other groups, organizations and government agencies have helped the group reach its goal.
“We did $13,440 in smile cookies, we got a $50,000 grant from the Province, we got $20,000 dollars from Destination Marketing (Committee), we got $25,000 from Twin Motors, $20,000 from Westoba,” said Davide Novo, chairperson for The Pas Families Building A Better Community, of some of the many contributions the TPFBBC has received.
The local Tim Horton’s management has also added they’re going to do a cheque presentation sometime in the near future for this year’s Smile Cookie Week.
In terms of the community support they got it has been great to receive so much support locally.
Helping out baking the hundreds and thousands of smile cookies for the community was the Grub Box who was more than happy to help.
“That feels awesome; you look at the amount of money the group in general has gotten for the spray park in the last 12 months and it speaks very highly of our community and our community wanting this project to come forward and be complete,” Novo said.
While the money has mostly been raised for the spray park there is other costs for it that need to be addressed and the fundraising from the Smile Cookie Week will help greatly in regards to that and other projects they have in the works.
“We have other costs. We’re going to have to pay the Town for putting in the sewer and stuff, we have to pay for hydro to be put in there and we have to pay for the backfill and ground preparation work and everything. We’re also working on some projects in the backburner as well so two things we have this project going on and we got a couple in the works as well,” explained Novo.
With another successful year in the Smile Cookie Week there was much to celebrate for The Pas Families Building A Better Community in another show of support for the spray park project.

Trevor Wright