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Cannabis store to officially open on day of legalization


The day cannabis is legalized within all of Canada is October 17 and planning to open a store that day is National Access Cannabis (NAC), a company of which Opaskwayak Cree Nation (OCN) is the biggest shareholder. The store is set to be opening up at the Otineka Mall where The Bargain! Shop used to be.
“We’re going to be opening up a 1,500 square foot corporate facility and we’re going to be opening up on October 17 for legalization and basically it’s going to exceed all the regulatory requirements the provincial government has set out as well as Health Canada,” said Onekanew of OCN Christian Sinclair who is also a board member on NAC.
It is estimated to bring between eight to 10 jobs to Opaskwayak Cree Nation and leasing fees will be paid to the Otineka Mall. Including the shares that OCN has the majority of the money made at the store will be coming right back to OCN.
“We get 51 per cent of the net revenue off that and then of course we’re majority shareholders of NAC (National Access Cannabis) so that’s a win-win-win situation for us all around,” said Sinclair.
He hopes to eliminate the black market within the area while sticking to all the regulations regarding cannabis.
“It’s going to be selling pot that is legal, that will eliminate the black market for the most part as well as provide a safe environment that is controlled by Health Canada and distributed though the provincial crown corporation and we as retailers will sell it to the public at large,” Sinclair explained.
Sinclair also added everything that will be sold at the store will be accounted for.
OCN also invested in a cannabis financing company of which you can read about in this edition of the Opasquia Times.

Trevor Wright