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Second Mud Run has “nothing but positive things”


The Second Annual True North Tough Mud Run took place this past Saturday bringing together a number of runners from The Pas and area to take to a course consisting of a number of obstacles and of course mud. The course presented a challenging yet fun run for the whole family including younger runners as there was also a kid’s course as well.
Reception to the run was good as people noted there was more mud in the mud run than the previous year’s and according to one organizer it was a step in the right direction.
“They really liked it; they enjoyed it better than last years. They thought it was a better course layout, better stuff to do, that was a positive step in the right direction having more obstacles for people to do. More mud, more natural train part of it; we’ve had nothing but positive things other than the fact that there might not have been enough people,” said Adam Noel, a member of The Pas Kinsmen Club, the organization who hosted the event.
Noel also helped build a number of the obstacles.
They did hope for a bigger crowd this time around.
“We had 50 people but we would like to get around to 100 or so, then it’s a worthwhile event; get more people from the town doing things. I would like to get more kids involved, that’s something we’re going to aim for next year,” Noel said.
As for the course itself the only big complaint was that some of the obstacles were too big for some people.
“The only constructive criticism was from some of the shorter people in the world, because they couldn’t do some things because weren’t tall, so we’ll have another set of monkey bars to rebuild, one slightly shorter for the shorter people. We might build another zed wall for shorter people in mind if we can, it all depends on community feedback, so we’re going to be gathering feedback for the next week or two then we’ll post what we’re going to do and see where we’re going to go,” said Noel.
There are some other adjustments they’re thinking of making as well.
“I think we got our main course layout built, what I’d like to do is work on some of the kids’ stuff and course. Hopefully get more people involved that way, maybe look on the weekend if it’s too close to being back to school if people are in back to school mode, things like that. Tweak it here or there, if it goes forwards or backwards a couple of weeks we’re not sure yet,” Noel added.
While a final tally isn’t specified right now, there is currently a rough estimate of $5,000 that was raised from the True North Tough Mud Run.

Trevor Wright