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Camp Day fundraiser held at Tim Horton’s


This Wednesday it was Tim Horton’s Camp Day as the local Tim Horton’s on OCN hosted a barbeque fundraiser to help two local kids go to camp as well as selling Camp Day t-shirts to help fundraise for Camp Day.
They also directed the money from all coffee sales for a 24 hour period on this day to go towards Camp Day.
“The proceeds for our coffee for a 24 hour period all directly goes to sending a kid to camp, so we welcomed everybody to purchase a coffee today,” said Diane Sanderson, co-owner of the local Tim Horton’s franchise. “We are having the hamburgers and hot dog sales; we have volunteers from all over the community that are coming to help with the barbeque, other things that are happening today on Camp Day. We have our Camp Day t-shirts that are on sale, we have the bracelets -four different colors- and we have a sweat shirt draw.”
Indeed everyone seemed to be having fun at the Camp Day barbeque this week.
“We’ve come out here for the last eight years I’ve been in The Pas,” said Mark Andrews from 102.9 FM CJAR who was present at the barbeque. “We really enjoy it; it’s a lot of fun. We get to hang out with the people that work here, hang out with the customers that go through here, our listeners and the most exciting thing is that local kids in this community that normally wouldn’t able to afford to go to summer camp (get to go to camp), we’re excited to be a part of that.”
This included the employees of Tim Horton’s.
“It’s our first time here for Camp Day. I guess it’s going to be very successful for Tim Horton’s The Pas, and everything is a donation for the Tim Horton’s Foundation; everything will be for the kids,” said Jackie, one of the employees at Tim Horton’s.
According to Sanderson the local Tim Horton’s over the course of the past 14 years had sent 28 kids to camp, each of whom were from the local schools.

Trevor Wright