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Local business presents to school board on shopping local


This past Monday a local business manager held a presentation to the Kelsey School Division (KSD) Board of Trustees meeting, speaking on the matter of hiring more local businesses for their services, to give more priority locally as opposed to outsourcing services.
Koreena Bartram from Kleen-All was presenting, she spoke to the board giving her viewpoint on hiring local.
Having lived in The Pas for 18 years as well as having family who have lived here for a long time she added that she also has kids in school at Kelsey School Division as well as volunteering for different organizations locally.
“I’ve lived here in The Pas, I have been a homeowner and I pay taxes. I understand that the school division has an obligation to the taxpayers of The Pas to obtain the best pricing possible, however I believe some consideration is due to local businesses who contribute to The Pas economy though school taxes and hiring local people who in turn bolster the economy,” Bartram said.
Working with various divisions in northern Manitoba she hopes that KSD will do the same for The Pas.
“At Kleen-All we work with school divisions all over the north from OCN, Flin Flon, UCN, Norway House, Pukatawagan, Cranberry, Moose Lake, Easterville and more. Since 2011 the maintenance and supply for Kelsey School Divisions has been awarded to a company in Winnipeg, I find this frustrating as a local business owner,” said Bartram.
She argues that it’s not just about the money saved and that there are more things to consider when picking a company to hire such as the employees who are paying into local taxes.
“It’s not always the dollar factor, I really hope that when a local business puts in for a tender and it’s a fraction of the price higher that there’s also other things that could be considered and should be considered such as local businesses pay taxes into the Division. That employees have children that are in the schools, that businesses are creating jobs here in our community,” Bartram added.
She went on to add she is not just speaking for Kleen-All, but for other businesses that can also be hired locally.
“The Pas is still lucky enough to have a couple of local businesses in town that can provide these services to you that also have community pride like us. Up until a couple of years ago there were three businesses. I’m not just speaking solely on the cleaning supplies tender, I’m just using it as an example and would like to see the policies to have our local school division support the local businesses and (the) community,” Bartram said.
The Kelsey School Division Board of Trustees Chairperson Vaughn Wadelius said that it will be taken into consideration and that there is an existing policy for this case, DGF which can be found on the Kelsey School Division website.
“When the lowest tender meets specifications, but is not acceptable, a recommendation and referral shall be made by the Finance Committee. The selection of a tender may be considered to support local bids more favorably when, in the opinion of the bid selection committee, the cost differential is not significant,” it reads under Policy DJF under Tendering Process.
The next Kelsey School Division Board of Trustees meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 11, and is open for the public to attend.

Trevor Wright