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Province issues first flood outlook of 2018


The province issued their first flood outlook for this spring last week and the overall concern for flooding is deemed to be low.
Most areas of the province, including around The Pas, are not likely to face concerns for flooding as things stand currently according to Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler.
“The combination of drier soil conditions in the fall and below-average winter precipitation means there is currently a low risk of major flooding across southern Manitoba,” said Schuler. “Of course, while there is reason for cautious optimism, Manitobans know first-hand that significant winter storms can blow in on a moment’s notice at this time of year and rapidly alter our spring flood projections.”
While several rivers in southern Manitoba were given a low risk of flooding, other major water arteries were given a low to moderate risk, including the Churchill River in the north, as well as the Carrot River and the Saskatchewan Rivers near The Pas.
Despite the likelihood of little or no flooding reported, it was noted there are still risk factors to watch for as the temperatures turn warmer and winter gives way to spring. Included in those are ice jams, something which has a higher probability of occurring due to above normal ice thickness on a number of rivers throughout the province.
“Manitoba Infrastructure and its team of flood forecasters will continue to monitor conditions and influences along the province’s watersheds as we move into spring and peak flood season,” said Schuler. “While our government is encouraged at the prospects of a below-normal flood season, we will be prepared for whatever comes Manitoba’s way.”
The flood outlook and other information can be found at www.gov.mb.ca/flooding.
A second outlook regarding flooding is expected to be issued by the province at the end of March.

Trent Allen