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Trying So Hard new exhibit


The Sam Waller Museum earlier this week unveiled its latest temporary exhibit and it comes from an artist from a northern Manitoba artist who calls Flin Flon home named Karen Astrid Clark. The exhibit is called ‘Trying So Hard to be So Hard/Hard Kids’.
It is a series of expressive artworks made crafted onto fabrics based on the people and the environment of her home and it is meant to provoke empathy onto the portraits of those seen in her artwork.
In her artists statement Clark wrote about her artwork and more specifically about this exhibition.
“This Project uses a partnership of portraiture and batik media. The expressive abilities of wax and brush combined with dye baths intrigues me. There is technical challenge in (the) use of imprecise wax marks and layering of dye baths for colour. Use of baths rather than brush on dye yields translucent richness that I prefer. Crackle effects with wax, speckle, line channels offer the line, value and shape variables I adore.”
People may find that it offers something that other artworks don’t offer in terms of standing out from other exhibits seen before.
“People find that they are able to engage with this artwork, the faces are very vivid and I think people might be surprised to see the intensity and the emotion that is able to be created using fabric as the canvas for the work,” said Joanna Munholland, the Curator and Archivist at the Sam Waller Museum.
Trying So Hard to be So Hard/Hard Kids Exhibit will be at the Sam Waller Museum from January 8 until March 23. The museum is open daily from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and standard admission rates apply.

Trevor Wright