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Manych named Acting Fire Chief for The Pas Fire Department


The Town of The Pas on Monday promoted Randy Manych to Acting Fire Chief.
Manych had been the Town’s Chief Fire Prevention Officer for approximately a year and a half but had served as an informal head for The Pas Fire Department following the resignation of former Fire Chief Greg Zimmerman last November.
The Town has tried unsuccessfully to find a new Fire Chief in the year since Zimmerman’s resignation however have been plagued by a low number of applicants for the position, something that is believed to be in part caused by the fallout from a division between members of Town council, Zimmerman and several fire fighters who were either let go by Zimmerman or who resigned in protest in the spring of 2016.
“All this means is cause we haven’t had any luck finding a fire chief is they are in essence just recognizing that I’ve been doing the job,” said Manych.
Manych, when contacted Tuesday about the new appointment, stated while he was aware something was in the works he didn’t realize the promotion had been approved by council until he was contacted by the local media.
The title change comes about in part to provide the department with more refined structure and comes ahead of Manych attending a provincial gathering for fire chief’s from various departments.
The Town has not had a Deputy Fire Chief either in approximately a year and a half, and Manych has effectively filled both roles for the past year. He began with the Town approximately three years ago as the By-Law Enforcement Officer before becoming the Chief Fire Prevention Officer and now Acting Fire Chief.
The Town will continue to work towards finding a Fire Chief though Manych didn’t rule out possibly working towards that himself in the future, however cautioned that he would have to earn it like anyone else.
“The Fire Chief isn’t the job that you are just given. It’s about working your way up the ranks. Just because I’m capable of doing the job doesn’t mean I should be doing the job,” said Manych.
Aside from the change in title, Manych stated he doesn’t anticipate much else to change within the department immediately, though some restructuring could happen down the road.

Trent Allen