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Youth ensures everyone has something to eat for the Thanksgiving holiday


Thanksgiving is a day to not only pay thanks for all that we have. It’s also a day that is often headlined by a large meal.
For some in the community though, a meal can be a scarcity, even on Thanksgiving and that can be the case for the homeless population of the community.
One youngster in the community made sure they had something to eat on Sunday. Rayden Niemi and his mother Diane set up a mobile kitchen in their van and served hot dogs to the homeless.
“I wanted everyone to have something to eat for Thanksgiving,” said Rayden.
Over the course of their time parked in the parking lot of Giant Tiger they handed out dozens of hot dogs to a number of people who came up to them. They spread the fact they were set up through word of mouth and that news quickly spread to many in the homeless community, with people coming up in groups to grab a hot dog on what was a very chilly and windy day.

Trent Allen