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Fire Department called to rescue deer at Rocky Lake


In the late afternoon of November 19th, The Pas Fire Department was called upon for an unusual task. TPFD Members were asked to rescue a deer off of Rocky Lake. The deer had wandered out on to the ice and could not maintain footing. Residents in the area identified the distressed animal and put in the call for assistance. TPFD Members deployed their Rescue-Alive and were able to comfort the deer and bring it to shore. Once on shore the deer ran off for a well-deserved rest.
Jamal El Kadri, volunteer member of TPFD was a part of the rescue. “The ice was thicker near the shoreline, but as we got further out it was getting thinner. Thankfully it was thick enough that we could get close. The deer was just like a baby. It didn’t fight with us. We were able to get it on our rescue equipment. It fell off once but it realized what we were doing when we put it back on the sled and didn’t get excited. Then we were able to push it to shore, where we released it and it just ran off into the woods. It was a good day”.