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Classic cars on display for the community to enjoy


If you were a classic car enthusiast, you likely made your way down to Integra Tire on Sunday, August 29th for the classic car rally. Organized by Vince and Jade Shepherd on short notice, it turned into a beautiful day where 25-30 classic vehicles were showcased by proud owners.
Vince Shepherd, who had his own 1968 Dodge Dart on display, stated, “This is something we have done for the last six years. We obviously took a break from last year. But we figured it was time to get some people together and have some laughs and talk about the stuff we have been doing. Can’t do a lot right now and guys are working on cars and upgrading. So, it is nice to get together and have a little chat.”
Shepherd mentioned they reached out to some of the outlying areas and people came in from The Pas, Baker Narrows, Wanless, Rocky Lake, Cranberry Portage and Snow Lake. The Dutch Drive-Inn even ran a classic car rally special to help support the event. Shepherd said “We have a really good turnout and we are excited with the feedback.”