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Tim Hortons Camp Day huge success for all


On July 21st across the country, Tim Hortons franchises participates in Tim Hortons Camp Day promotions to raise money for children across the country to attend summer camps and the Otineka mall location was no different. Staff were on hand to promote Camp Day and there was a plethora of prizes available on the spin-to-win wheel. Tim Hortons Camp Day’s mission is to help youth from underserved communities achieve their full potential. Participants attend multi-day, overnight camp experiences which are uniquely powerful in quickly building critical skills and strengths in youth. By attending, the camp attendees strengthen social ties and community connections which can protect and help young people cope with challenging circumstances.
Whether at camp or back home in their communities between visits, youth work to build social, emotional, leadership and innovation skills and behaviours like volunteerism and motivation to learn so they become civically and academically engaged, and successfully transition to adulthood.

The summer program is for Youth ages 12-16 (9 days, five consecutive summers). Through Tim Hortons unique five-year, camp-based program, youth participate in a variety of increasingly challenging development programs encouraging them to believe in their own potential. Programs include traditional camp activities like archery, canoeing and camping, as well as academic and financial literacy activities that help teach them how to set goals, create a budget, apply for post-secondary scholarships, and build a career path.
While the summer program is most well-known, the School Program which takes place during the year (Fall, Winter and Spring), actually reaches more participants. Partnering with schools from low-income neighbourhoods, students participate in two overnight visits to camp during their academic year. Between visits, students work to achieve personal goals that support further development regarding personal wellbeing, academic success, meaningful employment and community connection.