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Rotary makes huge donation


On July 6th, the Rotary Club of The Pas gathered at the ball diamond next to Roy H. Johnston arena to hand over a $15000 dollar cheque for stadium lighting to Jomar Cruz and Kelsey Paddock. Kent Whalley stated “We support the town and Kelsey Rec’s initiative to do this project and our little contribution is an endorsement of their fine leadership.” Don Dunnigan furthered “When you buy your Catch the Big One tickets for five dollars that is what you are supporting”. Whalley said “This is a part of our annual fundraising we do, and we select capital projects and worthy causes and this is one the club thought would be good project to support. Hopefully we can get the Slo-Pitch League in for tournaments.”
Catch the Big One tickets are five dollars and each and every Tuesday at 10 a.m. at the Wescana Inn Rendezvous Room the draw is held. If the ticket holders wins, they get a chance to pick the lucky card. If they pick the Ace of Spades they are the winner! Otherwise the ticket holder wins 20 percent of the accumulating prize.
***On hand to present the cheque were Ken Kelly, Kent Whalley, Doug Long, Julia McKay, Don Dunnigan, to receive Jomar Cruz and Kelsey Paddock