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Community bridge painted in celebration of Pride


In past years, the pride crosswalk which was normally painted at the crosswalk located between the Roy H. Johnston Arena and Kelsey School where Smith Street and Cathedral Avenue meet was not retouched this year. Rather a group of local community volunteers which included Terry McKellep, Cheryl Antonio, Darryl and Jennifer Hoskins came together to show support by painting the Lavallee Bridge on the Rotary Walking Path.
Past discussions on the matter with town council were in support of the Pride crosswalk idea, however declined to go as far as to give permanent designation of the location for the pride crosswalk. Rather, they took the recommendation of Town staff and gave designation for the remainder of the sitting councils’ term, allowing it to be up for decision of the next council whether or not it would continue. The current council will be in place until October 2022.
The idea to create rainbow crosswalks appears to have first emerged in Taipei, Taiwan . A campaign for promoting gender equality organised by the National Taiwan Normal University at the beginning of June, 2008. Since then, communities all across North America have implemented rainbow crosswalks to commemorate their local LGBTQ communities. These crosswalks highlight not just the hard-worn path, but the long and proud journey of all LGBTQ2+ persons from persecution to tolerance to acceptance to equality in our communities.