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Krost one of our unsung community volunteers


Bubbly, upbeat, cheerful, and energetic are words that Julia McKay uses to describe one member of The Pas Rotary Club. Crystal Krost has made a strong first and lasting impression with the Rotarians, the Kinettes and others that have the good fortune to work with her. She is a community minded citizen who goes about her day full of good nature, a kind heart, and an incredible amount of energy sprinkling it about in her home, work, and volunteer life. How did she become so involved in community, and how does she juggle all her responsibilities? Crystal’s story is about community responsibility and creating what you want in the community, enjoying the process, all while maintaining a positive frame of mind.
Crystal’s journey started when she was born in the 1980s, living most of her life in The Pas, with a brief time out of community attending school in Winnipeg and Selkirk. She was raised by her mother, Janice Morrish, and grandfather. Even though Crystal did not have her father to influence her in childhood years, she felt truly fortunate, as she had the loving, consistent support, and guidance from three special people in addition to her mother, she had her grandfather, Clarence Morrish, and her uncle and auntie, Gary and Flo Morrish. She felt fortunate that both of these men were there to provide support and act as male role models. From the early age of 5 years, Crystal learned how to be a good citizen, tagging along with her grandfather Clarence to deliver Meals on Wheels. Everyone on their delivery route loved to talk to them and was happy to see them. Her grandfather holds a special place in her heart, as he lived with Crystal and her mother, providing an upstanding male role model for her and her brother. Her grandfather believed that everyone needs to give something back to community. He was an active member and supporter within many volunteer groups and fraternities in The Pas. Clarence supported the work of the Shriners, The Pas Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce and Meals on Wheels. He was the first recipient and very deserving to receive the Citizen of the Year award in 1994 issued by The Chamber of Commerce.
As a young girl, Crystal volunteered at the Bill Bannock fishing derby with her uncle and her grandfather. She would fill a sleigh full of pop, hamburgers, and other hot selling items, selling to all who needed to refuel on the ice. She never saw it as work. It was always fun. As she got older, she tried to join in things that gave her the opportunity to give back.
After she furthered her post-secondary education, she started to explore ways to get involved. There was no shortage of areas to volunteer. She approached the Northern Manitoba Trappers’ Festival, totally immersing herself for eight years as a Trappers’ Board member. She was frequently nominated to speak with the media as she was comfortable with public speaking. Crystal has made many friends through her joy of speaking including those working at the local CJAR 1240 radio station. It was here that she met a man that she would fall in love with and marry. One of her good friends was leaving the radio station, telling her that the new person coming in would need to be introduced to the community. This was the start of a new life for Crystal, as she was introduced to Jordan Krost, the person who she would share her life with, create their family and continue the family tradition of giving back by practicing some of the same things that her grandfather and uncle had done with her as a child.
In 2012, Crystal joined The Pas Rotary Club. Many Morrish family members have been involved in this organization over the years. In her younger life, Crystal experienced the rotary lunch meetings, and participated in many of their fundraising events as a volunteer. “At an event that I was volunteering at, the Rotarian President at the time asked me if I would like to join the club and invited me to a meeting”. Crystal attended three meetings and then made the informed decision to join the club. She has been involved in chairing the lobster dinner a few times, volunteered with the District Convention and helps with any draws and fundraisers she can. Every Rotarian plays a part. Once she was involved, she took her turn in helping to make the community a better place to live. Her husband Jordan also made the commitment to join The Pas The Pas Rotary Club and they both received the Paul Harris Fellowship award in 2019 for their efforts. There are currently only seven female Rotarian members. Crystal is encouraging other women to get involved with local service groups.
You would think that being involved in one service group would be enough; however, the energy that Crystal emits is tremendous. She is one of many active members of The Pas Kinettes. The Kinettes work to serve the communities greatest needs. Recently the Kinettes made a substantial donation to the Opasquia Trails “build the boardwalk” project. Val Uffelman, a Kinettes member received $2500.00 from the “Possibilities” project which she designated toward the Opasquia Trails project. The Kinettes matched the donation. The Kinettes have supported past projects such as the spray park and the skate park. They are currently promoting the Kin Canada Bursary to assist students attending their first year of trade school or a final year of Ph.D. Eligible students who qualify can receive a $1000.00 bursary which must be submitted by February 1, 2021. Crystal is proud to be a member supporting the work of this group.
Crystal has worked in several capacities within the community, taking on the responsibilities of many positions with The Pas Action Center, Aurora House, The Pas Renewal Corporation, and Beatrice Wilson. She has been involved in recreation planning, community program planning, counselling children, teaching pre-school and at one time performing the tasks of Executive Director of the Action Center. In her work with The Pas Renewal Corporation, Crystal organized Canada Day celebrations, allocating small grants to fund community projects, brain stormed and brought to life the” Zombie Walk” in association with CJAR radio, as well as brought the Santa Claus Parade to the tri community. She is currently working with the Beatrice Wilson Health Centre as one of the team members currently assisting with rolling out the COVID-19 vaccination program. She was hired into the Quality & Safety Coordinator with Beatrice Wilson Health Centre, currently playing her part in the pandemic response team.
There are many demands as a Town of The Pas Council member. Crystal wanted the experience and ran for a town councilor position in 2014. She was elected, representing the town citizens for the following four years. Between 2014 and 2018 there were a lot of ups and downs and difficult times. During her term in office the paper mill announced closure, the water receiving well needed upgrades, the fire department experienced a major issue and the water treatment plant required an above ground pumping system. A lot of tough decisions had to be made in those four years. It was during this time, that the LaRose Avenue infrastructure was rebuilt without an added cost to taxpayers and the spray park was finally approved. So many families and other people were involved in making this project happen. Fundraising, selling cookies and hot dogs brought the spray park project to the community. Crystal played a part in creating awareness to the importance of barrier free activities for children and families. She is proud of the town councils’ accomplishments during those four years. Although she ran again; she would be defeated by a few votes. Although she was saddened by the news, she now sees it as a blessing in disguise. She believes that there is a reason for everything. She can fully devote her extra time to her two beautiful children, continue to serve in her volunteer work, and focus on her position with Beatrice Wilson. Recently she and her husband purchased a home on LaRose, right across from the home that she grew up in, bringing back all of the memories of her childhood.