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Recycling center does not want your bio-waste


Marj Greenwood of The Pas Recycling Centre reached out to Opasquia Times to plead to townspeople not to dispose of their facemasks, gloves, and paper towel sheets in recycling. The staff are treating these bags as biohazard now and it is not their responsibility to sort through this medical mess. Simply put you can dispose your used masks, gloves, and paper towel sheets in normal household waste bags. But the Recycling Centre cannot and will not process them if they go into recycling. So stop doing this.
There is potential for cross-contamination, and therefore possibly COVID-19 infection, from disposed masks, gloves, and paper towel sheets. If the discarded masks, gloves, and paper towel sheet is carrying infectious particles, it may be possible for these to cross-contaminate the surfaces they come into contact with. We know COVID-19 survives more readily on hard surfaces than porous ones, so this is a worry
If your recycling bag is seen to have been intermingled with this waste, it will not be picked up. The Recycling Centre is being bombarded with calls and Facebook posts due to non-pickup of recycling, and if your bag(s) of recycling have not been picked up there is a good chance this is the reason. Greenwood and her dedicated crew are working through the pandemic like a lot of other essential workers right now trying to provide a service that is needed to the community, but her first concern is the safety of her employees. She also wants to remind those that are recycling to refrain from putting Number 6 plastic in recycling as it is not recyclable and there is no market for that type of plastic. Furthermore, they ask that you refrain from dumping your household garbage off at the Recycling Centre as household garbage goes to the dump. It is a tough time for all of us and Greenwood and her staff do not need this added headache and potential infection point in their lives please be courteous enough to be a good citizen right now.