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Late night river rescue ends with false alarm


On October 15th, The Pas Fire Department, RCMP and EMS sprang into action when a 911 call came in @1105 PM, report of a girl potentially jumping from the Bignell Bridge. Randy Manych was on scene by 1110 PM. TPFD were in their river rescue boat and using their spotlights to locate the possible victim.
Thirteen TPFD members attended the call. Members were searching the river bank by 1115 PM and the boat was in the water shortly after. The launch was a little delayed due to the low water and members taking extra care to ensure their own safety and the safety of our equipment. Manych reported “Response time was average, but considering the special conditions of very low water, the deployment of the boat was good. TPFD does on average about four water rescue practices a year, and a few other boat and equipment operation practices on top of that. This year the number of water rescue dispatches has been cut by 90%., which is great to see.”
Thankfully, the person in question was found at home alive by the RCMP and the search was called off. These types of calls, while thankfully ended up with a happy closure are the types of calls, TPFD, RCMP and EMS train for. Manych TPFD Fire Chief continued “We don’t like unknowns, and so when we found out the person was alive and well, we
were obviously happy. But we have to treat every call as if it was the real thing. That water is cold right now and we have to act fast.”