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Lion’s Dish dishes out unique flavor


The Lion’s Dish, located in the Otineka Mall, was the first stop for Poutine Challenge judges and their submission set the stage for a delicious competition.
The BBQ Chicken Ranch Fries Poutine is the only entry highlighting chicken. The entry combines BBQ sauce, ranch, bacon bits, cheese, green onion, chicken fries all on a crinkle cut french fry base.
Served “to go” style, visually the Poutine is full of fresh color and with the first bites is also full of fresh flavor.
The bbq sauce combined with the ranch dressing makes for a tangy and savory dressing. Fresh, crisp green onions top the Poutine and offer a clean, fresh addition to the delicious dish.
The unique addition of chicken fries cut into the poutine is a delicious “treasure” for those trying out this dish.
The poutine was so delicious that a hesitant judge, Mark Andrews, commented it may have just converted him into a poutine lover.
A poutine isn’t a quality poutine without the essential french fry and standing out in this poutine was in fact the french fries. Served as the base of the dish, the fries were hot and super crispy. Combined with all the toppings, this poutine serves up a “perfect bite” of savory, rich and fresh.
A great first stop on the challenge.