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Fire department trains on new equipment


n September 8th, the Town of The Pas Fire Department was finally able to train on newly purchased equipment long awaited. It had been on their “wish list” for over a decade and Mayor and Town Council provided funds to make the equipment purchase. The new equipment is Rescue 42 Rescue Struts.
As First Responders, TPFD can face some very harrowing situations. When it comes to saving lives in the most critical conditions, proper equipment and timing matters. Successful vehicle extrication shouldn't have to be hard. The new equipment is designed by a firefighter for firefighters.
Having the right fire and rescue equipment allows First Responders to stabilize the scene in a matter of minutes. This ensures the victim has the best possible chances of survival, and durable, reliable equipment keeps them safe. When it comes to extrication, seconds count. Extrication needs to be done quickly, but also safely and properly so that TPFD and the vehicle occupants are out of harm's way.
Kyle Herman, one of TPFD’s Captains lead the safety brief and weekly training session as each of TPFD’s crew tried out on a vehicle donated by Ray Case Towing, various scenarios, angles and acquainting themselves with the new equipment, and making the mistakes in training so they didn’t make them out in the field.
Randy Manych, TPFD Fire Chief explained “We’ve been asking for this equipment for years and the town finally gave us the go ahead to purchase it. It will be a huge help. The equipment replaces carrying around 150 pounds of dunnage of various sizes on the truck. We constantly had to replace it as well. It had been so bad that in the past we have had to go into the bush to cut down trees to brace vehicles. Not only is this new equipment lighter than the dunnage but it frees up a lot of space on the truck that can be used for other things”, he continued “we train for a number of different scenarios but the goal with this equipment to have it set up in under two minutes flat in a real world situation.” Honourary Firefighter Dave Veitch, who rarely misses a training session was very impressed with the new equipment and was quick to agree with Manych, “it’ll fit perfectly on the truck. The guys are having a good training session”.
Back at the firehouse once all the trucks had been parked, Manych called the crew together for an announcement where he made an impassioned speech about leadership in the field and promoted Firefighter Matt Pecar to Lieutenant and presented him with his new helmet. TPFD had been short a Lieutenant and Pecar’s promotion was welcomed by all.