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Youth work to beautify downtown


Michelle Kostyk, age 15, entering Grade 10 is a member of our Green Team around town. Michelle has being working since early July beautifying our downtown core by maintaining the flower pots, picking up garbage, weeding around the sidewalks and whatever needs doing. She asks that citizens refrain from throwing garbage on the ground as that is what the bins are for.
Michelle states the best part of the job is being outside, staying active, and doing what she is good at which is beautifying the town. She has had a good response and a lot of citizens have remarked how good of a job she is doing. People really appreciate the flower pots and she does her best to keep them in shape. She appreciates all the pleasant encounters with the town’s citizens. Michelle’s job with Green Team ends around the end of August but she is excited about getting back to school, her favourite subject being science, seeing her friends and getting back on track and on schedule for a new school year.
When she isn’t working she enjoys playing piano, an activity she has been active with for 4-5 years. She also likes to draw, enjoy the outside and play sports, especially swimming in summer and curling in winter. This is her first paid job, and although she leaves the Green Team at the end of summer, she is eager to keep ahead on school for the year but hopes to rejoin the Green Team again next year.
Michelle works with one other green team member Gage Bighetty. Both are working through The Pas and District Chamber of Commerce and The Pas Community Renewal Corporation.