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Skate park projects moving forward


The dollars are beginning to flow in for the skate park project.
Two weeks ago, the Kinsmen Club of The Pas announced their pledge of $25,000 towards the project, bringing the dollar amount to approximately $75,000 for the project already, confirmed Jerome Conaty, one of the projects’ coordinators.
Nearly $200,000 in grant applications is also pending for the skate park, and if all are successful the project will be edging closer to $300,000.
That is two-thirds of the way to the estimated $450,000 that would be needed for the skate park to be completed, though Conaty noted there has not been a formal budget set for the skate park and that amount is only an estimate at this stage.
The goal is to see the project come to a conclusion sooner than later, avoiding the complications that plagued the spray park project and resulted in it taking over a decade to get done.
Thus far, fundraising for the skate park has hit fewer snags and major donors such as the Kinsmen are beginning to step forward. Conaty noted there are a few other donors expected to step forward as well, including some major donors, but that more is needed to put the budget over the top and make the park a reality.

Trent Allen