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Savory sage


It was the competition within a competition that ultimately produced the best burger in all the land.
As the bigger better burger challenge wound down and it came time to select a winning entry, the judging came down to what you, the readers, had to say. Judges were deadlocked but the readers weighed in and that was what gave Good Thymes and their creation the Sage Burger the winning edge.
Yet it wasn’t really the first time the Sage Burger won a competition. In fact, when it was time for good Thymes to settle on what they would enter into the battle royale of meat and buns, they turned to their kitchen staff and had each create their own burger, each unique and what their creators felt was the winning combination.
Once those creations were cooked up, they were served to the rest of the staff at the restaurant, who would then give their opinion on which was the best burger to carry forward as the Good Thymes representative. The Sage Burger -actually named after its’ creator- won that day and would go on to be proclaimed the best of the best in the community.
It’s actually the second time Good Thymes has won the honour, defending its’ title from 2008, the last time there was a formal burger challenge held, that time by the Opasquia Times solely. This year, the Times was joined by the local radio station 102.9 FM CJAR, bringing both local media outlets together to decide which burger was the best to be found in The Pas and area.

Trent Allen