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Pride crosswalk a go once again


The pride crosswalk is returning once again to The Pas.
A presentation on the topic was made by Trent Allen, one of those involved in last years’ inaugural pride crosswalk, to Town council last week. Allen, accompanied by a group of supporters, asked the Town to provide paint for the crosswalk as well designate the crosswalk permanently as the pride crosswalk for The Pas.
The crosswalk in question is located between the Roy H. Johnston Arena and Kelsey School where Smith Street and Cathedral Avenue meet. That was where the first pride crosswalk, painted last fall, was placed and Allen requested that crosswalk be the official pride crosswalk for the community going forward.
In discussions on the matter after the presentation council was in support of the crosswalk idea, however declined to go as far as to give permanent designation of the location for the pride crosswalk. Rather, they took the recommendation of Town staff and gave designation for the remainder of the sitting councils’ term, allowing it to be up for decision of the next council whether or not it would continue.
The current council will be in place until October, 2022.
In preliminary discussions with the town’s paint supplier, Cloverdale paint, the estimated cost would be $312 for paint for the six colours of the pride flag, though Allen stated he wasn’t sure if that amount included other costs such as tax and shipping.
Town of The Pas Municipal Superintendent Sam Mirza later stated that cost is acceptable for the Town in relation to what the Town pays currently to paint the crosswalks.
While a permanent designation wasn’t offered, the Town did suggest signage for the crosswalk to show it is a pride crosswalk. Allen interjected into the conversation to state volunteers for the project would be willing to fundraise for the costs of the signs and Mirza indicated the Town would be responsible for the installation, with the signs likely to be placed on the lighting poles currently in place at the crosswalk.
Allen stated a date for when the crosswalk would be painted was not set however the hope was to have it done for Canada Day, though a date would be dependent on when the paint arrives.