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Ecole Opasquia School honours Harvey and his peace keeping program


Ecole Opasquia School’s Peace Keeper Program has ended for another school year, and at the school assembly, the peacekeeper (grades four and five) volunteers were presented with certificates thanking them for the great job they have done in the 2018-19 school year. The peacekeeper program has done a great job in helping to keep the playground a safer place for the students during recess times. The team of two serve as extra help to solve problems among peers by just being there. A part of the pledge they take is to “befriend the friendless.” The major sponsor of the program is The Royal Canadian Legion Branch here in The Pas.
Also honoured at the ceremony was Murray Harvey, the founder of the peace keeping program at Ecole Opasquia School. As a veteran of The Korean War, and long-time Royal Canadian Legion Branch member, Murray has certainly done his time.
This year will be the last year that Murray will be the leader of our peacekeeping effort. He is passing the torch of leadership on to the capable hands of Rodger Nikolychuk. Not gone, and certainly not forgotten, Murray will be around to help his replacement out. Leaving the last words to Murray, “A soldier’s best moment is when his replacement comes.”
Thank you Mr. Murray Harvey.