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New council meets for first time


The first meeting of the new Town council was held on Thursday afternoon; just over 12 hours after results of the election took place.
The informal meeting was held as means for the new council to essentially introduce themselves to one another and receive some information from Town of The Pas Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Randi Salamanowicz and Assistant Chief Administrative Officer Jennifer Early. The two Town senior staffers provided information to bring the council up to speed on pressing issues and advise them of some do’s and don’ts as council members.
The bulk of the 45 minute meeting however served as a means to set some basic guidelines for council, with Mayor Herb Jaques stating he is looking for a transparent council that has very little discussed outside of the public light. He also cautioned councillors to watch how much they discuss council activities outside of council chambers.
The meeting allowed the new council to meet face to face for the first time since the election. While all had met throughout the campaign trail, this was the first sit-down together as a council following an election which seen the community call for change. Of the seven council seats only one person, councillor Chad Zolinski, was re-elected from the previous term.
The new council was slated to have their swearing in ceremony held last night at the Town of The Pas and will be holding their first Town council meeting on November 5th at 6:00 p.m.
The agenda is expected to be light for that meeting and it was moved ahead a week from its originally scheduled date of November 12 as Salamanowicz will be away from the office at that time and it was felt the CAO should be in attendance at the first formal meeting of council.
One item which appears likely to be on the agenda is the oft-discussed special service levy, for which a scheduled public hearing is to be held on the topic on November 26th. Jaques stated he’d call for the hearing to be postponed or stopped during the campaign while council members appeared split on what to do with the levy.

Trent Allen