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Ducks Unlimited has great turn out again


The annual Ducks Unlimited banquet and auction was held on Saturday and once again a near capacity attendance was reported for what is one of the most popular events in the region.
This year was not different as plenty of fun and just as much funds flowed around the floor of the Veterans Hall on OCN, all in the names of supporting work on local wetlands.
“I think it was pretty similar (to last year). When it came to ticket sales I think we were right on par with last year. With the open bar we were trying something totally different, we thought we would risk it and see how it goes. That was our biggest change and by doing that we weren’t sure how our ticket sales would go but it seems a lot of people were really happy about that. Overall, everybody that I’ve talked to tonight said we had a successful night and I think any time you can walk away and say you had fun and you can say your guests had fun, I think that’s a success,” said chairperson Dayna McTaggart on the success of the event.
The open bar change did cause an increase in ticket prices but that didn’t appear to impact ticket sales and McTaggart noted that while there isn’t an official determination in whether that will continue it appears likely.
“I thought we have to see how things went in regards to what we got, what we took back, what we sold and see what the feedback is from people but any community that’s made that change that way hasn’t gone back,” said McTaggart.
This was the third year at the Veterans Hall after a number of years the event was hosted at Carrot Valley Hall and McTaggart added they are pleased with the change as it gives more time to set up as well as giving additional assess for people to get home safely.
“Having access to a safe ride home is important to use, especially with having an open bar, so having access to an easy cab ride home is a priority to us and that makes this location an easy choice,” said McTaggart.
Planning for next year will start in May but there is also talk of holding a second fundraiser at some point in the year, possibly over the winter or spring.
“We’re starting to look at that possibility a little bit and that requires more planning on our part but it definitely won’t be to this scale, something smaller,” said McTaggart, noting the idea being discussed is a beer and wings night with an auction attached to it.
McTaggart added the community support has been “amazing” from those who attend to the businesses who donate every year.
McTaggart couldn’t give a final number on the amount raised as of press time however stated approximately $42,000 was spent.

Trent Allen