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Auxiliary makes donation to support the hospital


The Pas Health Complex Auxiliary recently donated two sleep chairs and an abioscope to St. Anthony’s General Hospital, the latter of which is used to help quickly diagnose people.
It was two items that were high on the hospital’s things to get this year.
“The abioscope was high on their list, the sleep chairs, it was in their top 10,” explained Carolee Despins, President of The Pas Health Complex Auxiliary.
They are also looking towards donating a stryker bed which is a hospital bed used for patients.
“We’ve donated two sleep chairs and we donated an abioscope and we’re working towards donating a stryker bed,” Despins said.
The estimated cost for the abioscope was a little over $4,000 and the sleep chairs were a little over $2,000.
“We’re mainly here to support the hospital (and) St. Paul’s. It was anything under the health umbrella and any of the money we raise goes back to them,” said Despins.
The Auxiliary’s fundraisers include Tag Day which they hold each year asking people for donations around town, among other fundraisers.
They are also in this year’s list for Chase the Ace volunteers so they will be able to fundraise more for the hospital as well.
“We were awarded one of the spots on Chase the Ace for volunteers so we are happy about that we can raise money towards something, we’re hoping the stryker bed,” added Despins.
The Auxiliary also fundraises though the hospital gift shop located just inside the hospital after the main entrance.

Trevor Wright