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World Suicide Prevention Day proclamation is signed


Last Thursday representatives from the RM of Kelsey Reeve Rod Berezowecki, Vice-Onekanew Jennifer Flett, Mayor of the Town of The Pas Jim Scott and MLA for The Pas Amanda Lathlin signed a Town of The Pas Proclamation to declare September 10 World Suicide Prevention Day.
On September 10 Oscar Lathlin Collegiate (OLC) is going to take in the OLC Suicide Prevention Walk.
“I’ve gone through bouts with family and friends, I lost a very good friend in grade 10 that really hit home, one of the things that stuck with me is they brought in school counsellors. They talked to us about going through the process and how if you’re feeling like that then always remember that it’s not going to last forever, that this feeling can pass and you can get help,” Flett said on her experiences growing up with suicide.
She added that you can get help, that the resources are there to help people deal with distress in life.
“Know that you can get through it, that you can get through it, some people do deal with a lot of mental health issues and it seems like a never-ending cycle but you can get better, work with the resources that are there,” said Flett.
Flett added that the more awareness there is about suicide prevention the better chance people have at preventing it.
“One importance message that I want to put out about suicide is in my personal life I experience somebody who attempted suicide and my question to them was why didn’t you tell me and they said because you didn’t ask. It’s ok to ask, it’s ok to ask people about suicide you’re not putting the idea in their heads, when you ask somebody that it’s almost a relief that somebody understands me, that somebody knows,” said Marcella Fenner, Learning Circle Facilitator for Emotional Wellness at the Beatrice Wilson Health Centre who also took part in the signing.
At the OCN Arbor Site there is also going to be a Family Celebration to Promote and Celebrate Life – Working to Prevent Suicide event from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. this Saturday.

Trevor Wright