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Pride crosswalk could be a reality in The Pas


Plans are being made to paint a pride-themed crosswalk in The Pas.
Discussions are underway between Town staff and a group of citizens to paint a crosswalk in the colors that represent the LGBTQ community. Thus far no formal agreement has come to place, however the discussions are positive and it appears likely the crosswalk will happen in the near future.
Originally eyeing doing the crosswalk on Third Street near Mary Duncan School, it was decided instead to approach the Town about using one of the crosswalks which is solely under the Town’s authority. There are only two crosswalks that don’t reside on a provincial highway inside the Town’s limits, one where Cathedral Avenue and Smith Street join near the Roy H. Johnston Arena and another on Seventh Street.
Town of The Pas Chief Administrative Officer Randi Salamanowicz expressed support for the idea.
“It’s a good community thing,” said Salamanowicz. “I think it’s a great idea.”
To get the crosswalk painted wouldn’t require Town council approval to do and can be handled by administrative staff, Salamanowicz added.
One of the questions still be determined is if the crosswalk would be permanently painted in the pride colors or if it was a temporary change. There are also logistical factors to doing the crosswalk, such as closing the street so the paint can be applied and be allowed to dry, something which would require notice from the Town to do so if the entire street is closed for a period of time.
The decision to pursue a pride-style crosswalk comes in the wake of Flin Flon doing one earlier this summer and the nearby community’s efforts brought the idea to fruition.

Trevor Wright