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Fire damages home in Young Point


A fire that tore through a home on Young Point Road Thursday afternoon left the home completely destroyed but no one was hurt as a result.
The fire call came in at approximately 1:30 p.m. and when fire crews arrived the home was already heavily engulfed in flames. According to the Town of The Pas Acting Fire Chief Randy Manych, there were two individuals inside the home asleep at the time of the fire however a bypasser alerted them to the fire and they were able to escape without harm.
“They said they were burning some items in their backyard fire pit area. They thought the fire was all out but the direction of the wind that day indicates that more than likely some hot embers went against some grass and blow up alongside the house,” said Manych, stating the fire was accidental in nature.
While damage to the home was extensive, residents may be able to salvage a lot of their items from inside the home due to the fact the fire was contained largely to the outside and roof of the home. One bedroom was destroyed because the window was open and fire entered the room through that window however the bedroom door was closed, something that prevented the fire from entering the rest of the interior of the home.
“They saved all their items other than what was in that one bedroom, they saved all their pictures and those kinds of things, they didn’t lose a lot,” said Manych.
Despite this, the house was damaged well beyond repair and will not be salvageable, with much of the exterior on one side as well as a large portion of the roof destroyed in the blaze.
The home was owned by Manitoba Housing.
Despite the fire, this summer has proven to be much less dramatic in terms of fire calls as compared to 2017 when several high-profile fires ravaged buildings, businesses and homes in The Pas and surrounding area.

Trent Allen