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Bob Kerslake top shooter in Million Dollar Hole In One


This past week the Million Dollar Hole In One over at the Halcrow Lake Golf & Country Club took place, drawing people to the driving range over the course of the five days it took place.
The Million Dollar Hole In One is an annual event where people have the chance to win a number of different prizes at the golf course’s driving range. The 10 participants with the closest shot to the hole each day make it to the final competition Saturday afternoon.
Overall, looking at the event everything went quite good according to those running it.
“It went really well. It was shortened by a day; it’s a five day event it was always a six day event. It looked like it was a pretty successful event considering the fact that day one was raining most of the day and it was cold, we didn’t have a great turnout for day one but the next four days made up for it weather-wise,” said Chris Marsh, Advertising Consultant with CJAR 102.9, who helped run the Million Dollar Hole In One.
As it was taking place Marsh noticed a lot of new people joining in for the chance to win a million dollars.
“There were quite a number of new faces which really helped. We always hit the usual suspects that enjoy the play but we had a lot of new names and a lot of new faces, it was good,” he added.
During the first day of shooting Keith Young made it to the top of the leaderboards with Bob Kerslake in second and Bart Constant in third. Day two Onni Hyytianen earned first place, with Max LeClerc in second and Jeff Reibin in third. The third day Mitchell Katcher made it to the top, followed by Jeff Reibin in second, and Dylan Funk in third. On day four, Armand Pitre was first, Darrell Lathlin second, and Chance Fenner third place.
The final competition on Saturday saw Bob Kerslake take the top spot, followed by Mitchell Katcher in second place and Jeff Reiban in third.
“The weather was perfect and the top three weren’t surprising,” said Marsh.
Marsh also put a shoutout for all the volunteers who came to help run the Million Dollar hole in One contest.
“If it weren’t for the volunteers we wouldn’t be able to do this. Kudos to those involved, we had some staff members from CJAR who did a lot of extra work to help it run, a lot of volunteers through the curling club and the golf course,” Marsh said, adding, “It was a lot of fun. To me, it was my third (time with the event) and the best one I think so far.”
The money fundraised from the Million Dollar Hole In One goes towards The Pas Curling Club and the Halcrow Lake Golf & Country Club.

Trevor Wright